What we do?
  • Research, education, information and training on diet, lifestyle, nutrition and health
  • Formulation and fortification, NPD, nutritional and sensory testing
  • Food labelling, design and compliance checking
  • Formulations for food supplements for specific needs and compliance
  • Menu planning and nutritional analyses for restaurants, catering and other food services
  • Personalised nutrition consultancy with a focus on providing regular support
  • Developing and managing projects

Why choose us?
  • Delivery of evidence-based scientific, technological and regulatory solutions
  • Awareness of constraints on SMEs such as time and value for money
  • Thorough understanding through evidence-based research of your consumers, their nutritional needs and current food trends
  • Provision of nutritional information for marketing
  • Delivery of tailor-made training courses and workshops

Our expertise
  • in-depth scientific knowledge and extensive experience in academic research and education
  • Proven record in diet, lifestyle, nutrition and food technological research and its exploitation
  • Extensive experience of the ethnic food sector
  • Multidisciplinary perspective across food science, food manufacturing and nutrition
  • Proven record of collaborative research at the national, European and international level
  • Extensive networks within academia, industry and community groups and organisations

Dr Santosh Khokhar, registered nutritionist and a specialist in ethnic food & nutrition also provides expert consultancy for:

  • Food businesses for improving nutrition and labelling of ethnic foods
  • Individuals from South Asian populations who wish to eat healthily and manage diet-related issues with regular support and motivation