About Us

The Food Nutrition R&D Company

Our strength of in-depth scientific knowledge, skills and experience enables us to deliver the aims of our company and add value to your organisation. We have extensive experience of coordinating and collaborating in industry relevant research projects.

Dr Santosh Khokhar RNutr, Founder and Director of the company and a Registered Member of the Association of Nutrition, has more than 25 years experience of teaching and research in food science and nutrition at world-class universities and research centres in the UK, The Netherlands and India. She has coordinated and participated in many industry relevant national and international research projects. Before being appointed Senior Lecturer at Leeds University, UK, Santosh worked as Assistant Professor in India, as EU Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute of Food Research, Norwich and, in The Netherlands, as an Analytical Scientist at Wageningen University, RIKILT (State Institute for Quality Control) and at TNO-Voeding, Zeist. At Leeds, she taught at all degree levels, supervised PhD and MSc students from more than 15 countries, including Africa, China, India, Mexico, Middle East and Europe, and worked with industry to improve the nutritional quality of regional foods, reduce malnutrition and create new food products for developing countries.

Santosh’s PhD addressed the Nutritional, Biochemical and Anti-toxic Effects of Dietary Fibres, was funded by the USDA’s United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and received the Nehru Centenary Award from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. She has published extensively inpeer reviewed international journals and books, and has supervised and led research projects on:

  • Optimising nutritional quality by exploiting food processing technologies,
  • Developing and standardising new analytical methods,
  • Formulation and fortification of low-cost healthy foods and compliance,
  • Providing new food composition data (nutrients and bioactive compounds),
  • Determining dietary intakes, and
  • Investigating complex diet health interaction(for both the general population and particular at risk sub groups).

She has extensive experience of presenting at International conferences and has regularly served as Chair and Co-chair.

Professor Roger Fenwick, Independent Consultant, is highly experienced in setting goals and prioritising research needs in Food, Nutrition and Agriculture at International and European level. After 25 years at the Institute of Food Research researching the chemistry and biological activity of bioactives, including glucosinolates, saponins, alliins and glycosides, in food and animal feedingstuffs, Roger spent 19 years as the Institute's International Coordinator being involved in influencing priorities of EU Framework Programmes in the Food/Health and Agricultural areas; assisting in drafting and submitting EU projects (more than 200); promoting the Institute and its scientists; establishing durable cooperation with UK, and academic and industry global partners, and encouraging younger researchers. He was a leading player in establishing the European Technology Platform Food for Life's.

Roger was active in UK and European food chemistry, serving as Secretary of the UK's Food Chemistry Group and Secretary/Chairman of the Food Chemistry Division of the European Association of Chemical and Molecular Sciences, received the Research Medal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England and the Lifetime Award, European Federation of Food Science and Technology, and was elected a Fellow of the International Academy of the Institute of Food Science and Technology. He published over 400 scientific papers and received a Top 250's Highly Cited Researcher Award's in the Agricultural Sciences from the Institute of Scientific Information, ISI.

Narinder Bains, Independent Consultant and Director of SERE-Tech, a supplier of science and engineering services to the food and drink sector for developing new products and optimising nutritional quality of foods using novel processing techniques. SERE-Tech and University of Burmingham currently own background IPR and commercial rights to the technology proposed with a patent published for the dairy and beer processing application of EPS process. SERE-Tech a process science and engineeering solutions company have a strong food and drink focus having worked with several food and drink clients including Arla, PepsiCo, SABMiller, Muntons, Walkers Crisps, Carlsberg, Orchard House Foods, Rowse Honey and Bruiccladich Distillery.