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Changing nutritional behaviours and perceptions: strategies to effect behaviour change in the community

Dr Santosh Khokhar
Director, Food4Nutrition
Speaking at Food matters live ,
22 - 24 November 2016 ExCeL, London

Dr Santosh Khokhar RNutr., established Food4Nutrition to provide evidence-based scientific, technological and regulatory solutions for affordable and nutritious foods, and inform consumers of the benefits of a healthy diet.She has 25 years experience of teaching and research in food science and nutrition in the UK, The Netherlands and India, and has participated in many industry-relevant national and international research projects. A Senior Lecturer at Leeds University for 16 years, she worked to improve the nutritional quality of regional foods, reduce malnutrition and create new food ingredients.

Her expertise on ethnic foods, and the diet/health of minority groups addresses:
  • Providing up-to-date nutritional and regulatory information to enable ethnic food businesses to develop new healthy and sustainable product.
  • Supporting and motivating minority groups to “eat healthy, live healthy”.
  • Investigating diet-ethnicity-health interactions (incl. diabetes and heart disease).
  • Developing methods to assess the nutrition and overall health of ethnic subgroups in the UK and India.