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The Food Nutrition R&D Company



The composition of foods affects its nutritional value, but poor or incorrect analyses may produce misleading results. Advice is offered on study design and which analytical methods to use and what the results mean. Members of ethnic minorities and other vulnerable populations may have specific diet and lifestyle related health problems that provide opportunities for businesses to improve food formulation or participate in healthy lifestyle services. Properly conducted surveys of consumer preferences can assist the identification of new market opportunities.

Services include:

  • Creating competitive research partnerships in R&D projects to improve nutritional quality of foods and beverages across the food chain,
  • Determining the composition of foods and drinks, sampling and nutritional and sensory analyses,
  • Conducting diet and lifestyle surveys of general and ethnic minority groups,
  • Recruiting survey panels using validated and standardised techniques to ensure reliability and exploitability of output data,
  • Collecting and analysing data and report writing,
  • Collaborating as an experienced partner in national/regional research projects,
  • Developing and facilitating International networks to improve education and research in food science and nutrition, and optimising its impact,
  • Delivering invited talks, lectures and seminars,
  • Academic review and evaluation of research contracts/proposals,
  • Strategic analysis of educational needs and provision of evidence-based information for consumers.