Services Details

The Food Nutrition R&D Company



Healthy food production exploiting scientifically based opportunities and innovations throughout the supply chain. Ensuring compliance with hygiene, labelling and other relevant regulations, so as to optimise sales and profitability. Consumers are increasingly seeking healthier dietary options. Clear and effective food labels represent one means for the publicto make informed choices.

Services include:

  • Developing new and optimised foods for salt, sugar, fat and dietary fibre contents, using novel and low-cost sustainable technologies,
  • Formulation, fortification (approved fortificants macro and micro nutrients)and nutritional and sensory analyses using accredited methods,
  • Identifying and exploiting ethically sourced foods and ingredients and recipe calculation,
  • Guiding development of innovative and new food products (NPD),
  • Designing product specific food labels, and preparing information for marketing,
  • Delivering all requisite information for front and back labels,
  • Ensuring food label compliance with UK/EU and other regulations,
  • Minimising food waste by critically reviewing losses at all stages of the production chain, including serving size