The Food Nutrition R&D Company

Technological and
Regulatory Solutions
Covering all areas of Food Science
and Nutrition

We provide scientific, technological and regulatory support to drive innovation in foods, ethnic foods, beverages and nutraceuticals.

Our expert and confidential services are relevant to maximising the productivity and growth of your business through the application of sound scientific, technological and regulatory solutions thereby facilitating problem solving and saving time.

Consumers are increasingly seeking healthier dietary options. Clear and effective food labels represent one means for the public to make informed choices. Many ethnic food products and ingredients lack appropriate labelling which could otherwise enhance sales and customer awareness, and increase business opportunities.


Our expertise allows the nutritional quality of foods and beverages, to be optimised and enhanced, and empowers consumers by providing evidence-based information. We offer in-depth scientific knowledge and experience, from concept to final product, to meet dietary guidelines. Our multidisciplinary expertise, covering food science, food manufacturing, nutrition and health, is vital for the success of individual contracts and collaborative R&D projects.

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For healthy food production we provide in-depth scientific knowledge to explore new ingredients (traditional and ethnic) based on their composition of nutrients and bioactives, and the effects of processing and handling. We offer nutritional and sensory testing, and compliance checking with labelling and other relevant regulations, so as to optimise sales, profitability and customer impact for startup companies and SMEs, in particular.

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We provide evidence-based scientific, technological and regulatory information to develop new formulations targeted to meet specific nutritional needs. In-depth knowledge of nutritional issues is offered to support initiatives and exploit opportunities for niche markets; for example, for specific populations (women, elderly and ethnic subgroups) at risk of deficiencies of iron and vitamins D, B6 and B12.

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Training and Workshops:

Changes in food law regulation, new developments in science and technology, and changing consumer demands for sustainably produced nutritious foods make it vital that food industries and their staff are kept up-to-date so that opportunities can be identified and implemented at the earliest opportunity for enhanced profitability.

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We provide and check all front and back information for nutrients and non-nutrients,(water, additives, allergens, GMOs) using reliable, up-to-date and relevant food composition databases, and ensure legislative and regulatory compliance for your specific product. Following scrutiny to ensure information is correct and meet all regulatory requirements for food labelling, a certificate of approval is issued.

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